All belongings and furniture was left inside
as if no-one ever left
this place looks pretty dangerous
there’s like a hole all the way down to basement

Look at this place
this is insane
this place has not been touched
it’s been left exactly the same way

This place is insane
oh my god! look how creepy that is
bedroom number two
all the wallpaper is coming off this place

We just picked up this jacket
and we’re trying to work out
where it’s from, like
it’s got like a crown on the arms, on the shoulders

This photograph, this photograph is like
I couldn’t possible tell you
what era that’s from but
I’m gonna say early nineties?

Look at this
Another photograph,
don’t know if that’s another family member
back outside look at the size of this place

Right so made it into
House number 2,
this on the other end, this kitchen is pretty fancy!
look they’ve even got an aga!

Look at this place
looks just like people just left,
and got up
and left everything in here

Second room we’ve come into
looks like a kind of dining room
slash dressing room, there’s a kind of hairdryer,
don’t know how long this hairdryer’s been there though

When I was reading up on this place
it did say that the owner was a bit of a hoarder
and you can obviously see why now
it’s just insane

There’s just things everywhere
whoa! look at how much stuff she’s got!
look at that!
there’s just tons of stuff

That hasn’t been used for a while obviously
there’s just things everywhere, old guitar
I reckon the stuff in this house must be worth, a fortune.
look at it

Oo! What the hell’s that? M.K.D.
I’m not sure if that’s military or something
I don’t know if that means anything, M.K.D.
does that mean anything to anyone?

This is pretty interesting
just found some paperwork saying Witness Statement
of Annette Mary Drummond Rees
it’s obviously the woman who used to live here

I’ll tell you what,
these pictures are so freaky
Oh wow look at this!
this lady has some serious money

Right guys
we found a secret doorway
look at this place
this place is untouched.

Another room
in the secret doorway that we come in
this is insane
look at this!

This place is un-buh-lievable.
oh my days.
there’s just so much stuff in here
this kitchen is in mint condition

Wow, guys, look at this bed
this bed is insane! Just look at that!
aw, look at that poor thing
I bet this bed’s worth a hell of a lot of money in the time

There’s only another set of stairs
it looks pretty damn good,
it looks like some,
looks like an attic

We have another bathroom
this bathroom’s in mi…
quite good condition.
look at this place

Ah there’s another room, it’s like a guest room
oi, this room, Look at this, he’s got pipes
and everything in here
this definitely looks like his little office area

Oh there’s another bedroom!
there is so many bedrooms
in this place
it’s unreal