The History Professor’s Confession

THE HISTORY PROFESSOR’S CONFESSION Back in 2021 some boy’s mother went out and shot a school security guard in the head – because he hadn’t let the kid into class without the required face mask. The shooter was given a life sentence. What we fail to remember is that back then there was a life […]


ZOMBIE CRUIZE by A K A SMITH Oct 19th 2017 US copyright case # 1-5922866181 INT. SWIMMING POOL – DAWN Dark underwater. Rippled glimpses of a naked man sitting on a smooth blue floor. Pan around to his face, eyes open, he grimaces open mouthed, no bubbles. MACAVOY (o.s.) How long has he been […]


All belongings and furniture was left inside as if no-one ever left this place looks pretty dangerous there’s like a hole all the way down to basement Look at this place this is insane this place has not been touched it’s been left exactly the same way This place is insane oh my god! look […]

PANIC (2013)

  At first I wonder why they are all smirking in my general direction. It couldn’t be because I’m late – I’m always late for meetings and no-one even notices, probably since I usually have little to say. But this time they stop talking and all turn and look at me with naughty grins as […]


JOHN DAKER   Who would have believed when Bob Spencer was sadly unable to be there that night, that his misfortune would lead to the phenomenal blessings we now enjoy. For One was sent on to the stage as his replacement, whose name was John, John Daker. A man whose singing performance would change the world, […]

Truth or vomit

I had fed the cats and I was thinking of attend a Philosophy Cafe at a pub in Kingston Monday evening. Mmm, beer and philosophy, not as dangerous as drinking and driving but more fun. Anyway I didn’t go in the end, despite the fact I was interested in meeting other clever-clogs and smart-arses like […]

Who is on the LORD’s side?

Like Jesus, and Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, technically, the archbishop of Canterbury is a bastard. Nothing bad about that, except he only found out the other day. But like Jesus, he took a devastating falsehood and redeemed it as a gracious statement of truth. I’m not fan of the C of E but I […]

Christmas Present

CHRISTMAS PRESENT 1 Three people hospitalized, one of them a little girl in a coma, children traumatised, parents throwing Xmas mugs at his head – it hadn’t been a good first day at work for Joe Mackland. Both his arms gripped by security gorillas, he limped to the manager’s office and was forcibly sat down, […]

Parting shot

PARTING SHOT Two frightened men sat facing each other in a cold, dimly lit room. There was no window, and nothing on the walls except the ventilation grills.   The thin young man’s chair was low and hard and uncomfortable, the metal back digging into his spine.  The older man’s chair, behind the vast steel desk […]