Who is on the LORD’s side?

Like Jesus, and Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, technically, the archbishop of Canterbury is a bastard. Nothing bad about that, except he only found out the other day. But like Jesus, he took a devastating falsehood and redeemed it as a gracious statement of truth. I’m not fan of the C of E but I was strangely impressed. I like that kind of news.

More disturbing was news of the mayhem in Iraq, where, amongst the dozens of militias that are being funded by the Iraqi government to fight against IS, there is apparently one which is specifically a Christian militia.


This brave bunch quote Luke 22.36, where Jesus tells his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords.

I’d always thought that was somehow metaphorical, but maybe not. I had been more inclined to quote the toilet wall graffiti (apologies for the language) I saw decades ago which read “Killing for God is like fucking for virginity”.
I mean, OK to love your neighbour, and our neighbour is whoever we come across no matter what their race/religion etc, I get that. And if there’s going to be warring I can’t help rooting for the good guys and hoping as many IS fighters as possible die. I don’t care how horribly.
Is that the Jesus Way?
It seems to he was ready to die for God but not to kill for God, or anyone. A contrast with his Old Testament namesake of course who brought down the walls of Jericho.
I’m pretty sure like anyone else I’d do anything to protect the ones I love, I’m just not sure we can call that Christian.
Christian militia sounds like an oxymoron.